Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Five Second Animal Challenge

5 seconds to draw each of the animals we saw today from memory (badly)

Abdul & black dog

This is not a Churchillian reference to depression - this is a real black dog who insisted on following our boat as we left Manda island - until he finally realised that dogs don't float as well as boats
(imagine how historical events like the battle of Trafalgar would have turned out if the last sentence wasn't fact)

Yusuf's back

Looking for sea donkeys

The Matondoni Carrot Experiment

Rigorous scientific research in which we find that the donkey inhabitants of the town of Matondoni appear not to desire (or even recognise) carrots...

Sunglasses & sea-donkeys

Abdul has decided to jump into the sea wearing sunglasses. Aforementioned glasses disappear beneath the waves, our varied rescue attempts in vain.

The glasses have gone to the sea donkeys...

Nairobi airport

Guy at the airport looks like a Sopranos extra!